British Titanic Society polo shirt


star-designBritish Titanic Society polo shirt with embroidered logo



 £13.50 each + p&p






      Also available in these colours…

BTS polo shirt in maroon colour


BTS polo shirt in dark blue

Dark blue

BTS polo shirt in bottle green colour

Bottle green

BTS polo shirt in black



Made from 50/50 polycotton, with an embroidered British Titanic Society logo, the new poloshirt is available in the range of colours above and can be ordered by emailing to see if your size and chosen colour are available.



Please do not send any money until your order is confirmed.

If your size or colour is out of stock, it may be ordered. You can pay via paypal once your order is confirmed with relevant p&p costs. Once the cost is confirmed (incl p&p) please use the link below to make your payment.

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