The Michael Edwards Studio Theatre is hosting the play The man who left the Titanic written by Patrick Pryor and performed by Isosceles (Pat Abernethy and Dave Marsden) on Saturday, March 28th at 19:45. The play deals with the last hours of the Titanic, and the aftermath of J. Bruce Ismay’s decision to step into a lifeboat and sail away from the sinking ship.

The theatre is situated in the lower hold of Cutty Sark, where precious cargoes of tea and wool were stacked over a century ago. In the central section of the ship is converted during evening time, to create  an eclectic performing arts space, unique in the world.

Tickets are at £15 and the play is 1.30 hrs long including an interval. There is also a Meal offer (with Prosecco for £17.50), at the Keel Café before the show, for those who wish to make it an evening out.

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The man who left the Titanic play poster for Saturday 28th March on board Cutty Sark