Changes to Society Officers

Keeping you informed of changes within the British Titanic Society: David Scott-Beddard is the new Honorary Secretary. Bob Angel has now joined the committee as an officer. Commodore Ron Warwick is New Honorary President. Further details to follow…

HMHS Britannic Centenary Memorial Event


Commemorating the Centenary of the Sinking of HMHS Britannic

November 2016 marks the centenary of the sinking of His Majesty’s Hospital Ship Britannic – the biggest single ship sunk in World War One. Striking a mine off Greece while acting as a hospital ship, she sank in 55 minutes with the loss of 30 lives.  Aside from this sad statistic, Britannic holds another place in history: sister of RMS Titanic and last of the iconic Olympic Class liners.

To mark the centenary the British Titanic Society held a wreath-laying in cooperation with the Red Cross and Commonwealth War Graves Commission at the Tower Hill Mariners Memorial, London, where many of those lost are recorded. At 11:00 on Sunday 20th November 2016, the day before the centenary itself, there was a short presentation and a reading of names before the laying a wreath in their memory.


New York Pier 54 Archway preserved

The New York Pier 54 Archway is to be preserved in situ.  Full details are available in the ‘Response to comments’ document here: (p39).

Metal framework of Pier 54 New York
Pier 54, New York
The response to comment 72 (p41) states “HRPT [Hudson River Park Trust] agrees that the arch is an important legacy that should be retained and it will be as part of the Pier 54 Connector Project and will remain in its existing location” and to comment 75 “HRPT and Pier55 agree that the history of Pier 54 should be recognized and plan to appropriately commemorate that history”.
Many thanks to all who aided this endeavour.
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