Following a recent recommendation from a renowned heritage railway historian, a delegation of BTS committee members, accompanied by the BBC Transport Correspondent, Paul Clifton and film crew, travelled to the Pontypool & Blaenavon Heritage Railway in South Wales on Thursday April 29th, to view two buffet/restaurant cars which MAY have been part of the Boat Trains from Waterloo to Southampton on the morning of 10th April 1912; carrying passengers to R.M.S Titanic.

These composite railway carriages are the last of their type to survive and if not secured by 30th June this year, will be destroyed. Our involvement in their salvation is not yet guaranteed, but further investigation into their history and possible restoration is ongoing and BBC South will run the story of these carriages from Friday morning at 6.30am, with more comprehensive coverage at 18.30 & 22.30 in the evening. There will doubtless be other coverage over the coming weeks as we start our funding campaigns – initially to move the carriages from their current location, and then in the longer term, for their restoration.

The project to try and save these carriages is important, and would preserve a precious part the Titanic story. If they are not moved from where they are currently stored by June 30th this year, they will be scrapped.

If you are interested in helping us save the carriages, or wish to help us at least with moving them to safe storage before the deadline, please email us at: