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Becoming a member of the Society brings a number of benefits, including receipt of a free copy of our exclusive quarterly official journal, The “Atlantic Daily Bulletin”, which is printed as a 44-page full colour illustrated publication containing articles by some of the leading historians & authors from around the world.

Each year, the Society holds an annual Convention which gives members, and their guests, the opportunity for those interested in the history of the Titanic, the White Star Line, and ships of the classic era, to further their knowledge and enjoyment of this fascinating subject by sharing their passion with fellow enthusiasts and researchers.

We also provide a membership card.BTS Membership Card

The present annual new subscription is:-

£20.00 for UK membership;  £27.00 for EU membership; £32.00 for Overseas membership.

Payment of membership is due in April of each year, but you are welcome to join at any time. Joint membership is also available at no extra cost, providing that only one copy of the bulletin is sent.

To join, the quickest and easiest method is to download our interactive Membership Application Form . Then open it up in Adobe Acrobat or similar PDF reader and complete the required details. You can then submit it directly by email, Or, if you prefer, you can print it off and post it to;

Jess Sweetingham
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The simplest and quickest payment method is by PayPal, either using OPTION 1 or OPTION 2 as detailed below

Alternatively, you can send a cheque to the address above, payable to British Titanic Society

Please note – Membership rates are varied depending upon what part of the world you live, This is to take into account currency conversion and postage rates. There are additional small charges for using PayPal.. Please use the drop-down menus to select whether you are in the UK, in the EU, or the rest of the world.

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Membership FAQ

Does the time of year I join the Society determine what issues of the Atlantic Daily Bulletin I receive?

Our membership year runs from the 1st April to the 31st March the following year. You are free to join at any time.

If you join later in the membership year, when copies of the Atlantic Daily Bulletin have already been sent out, you will receive the back issues that have been issued so far in the membership year and future issues as they become available.

Our journal is published quarterly and posted out in Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

If you apply for membership in the last month of the membership year, we will assume, unless you state otherwise, you are applying for membership for the following year.